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INKOPER MKB have been active as a purchasing organisation since 2009. We know better than anyone that you have built up a relationship with your suppliers in previous years. A trust base has been created. This band is necessary to perform the services properly. However, there is a danger that this trust has made you company blind and you have started to pay too much.

INKOPER MKB take a critical look at your suppliers. We look at the rates and associated contract terms and come up with suggestions and alternatives where necessary.
BUYER SMEs combine your purchasing power with that of fellow companies. As a result, you benefit from conditions that only apply to much larger organizations. All this without sacrificing your independence, flexibility and creativity. So collective purchasing while maintaining your own identity.

We help you to permanently improve the procurement of facilities (waste disposal, industrial clothing and industrial gases).
INKOPER MKB becomes your point of contact and you can focus on your core business.

What does SME buyers mean to you?
• Continuous savings
• Continuous unburdening
• Continuous cost monitoring
• One point of contact

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1446 AB Purmerend
Tel: 0299 82 09 70

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