Bar Cargolift Preferred Partner European Trailer Care

BÄR Cargolift!
Preferred Partner of European Trailer Care

In 1981 Gerd Bär GMBH was founded in Heilbronn by Gerd Bär.
The first production of tailgates became a reality, after which production capacity was doubled in 1984.
In 1989 a large fire destroyed the factory, which was rebuilt where afterwards only one had a production stop of 3 weeks.

As a way of growing, they moved in 1991 to a new site of 27000 m2 in Heilbronn, where production capacity was further expanded in 2004.

Bär Cargolift is not only active on the German market, in 1984 Switzerland became the first export country.
Over the years, sales have been rolled out across Europe, in 2010 the BeNeLux followed with its own sales field service.

Bär Cargolift is currently one of the largest manufacturers of tailgates in Europe.
It offers tailgates for all applications and vehicle categories with a carrying capacity of 500 to 3000 kg.
In delivery program include the single and double folded tailgate, the sliding ramp, and the VanLift Free Acces.

In the BeNeLux, Bär Cargolift uses the European Trailer Care network for maintenance and 24/7 breakdown service.

For all information about Bär Cargolift, see their website:

Bär tailgate Preferred Partner European TrailerCare with Leon Ebbenhorst and Erik Spalink

Photo Léon Ebbenhorst Sales Director Benelux at Bär Cargolift and Erik Spalink Formula Manager European Trailer Care

Preferred Partners of European Trailer Care