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Bliksem! Preferred Partner of European Trailer Care!

Bliksem! See the difference is the partner for visually communicating your (company) name/logo.

For (full color) stickers and the lettering of vehicles, facades and billboards you can come to us. You are also welcome to be present for flags, banners, tendon cloths, presentation materials, clothing, work shoes, PBMs and printed matter. From design to end product.

For European Trailer Care we have been a partner for a number of years for the delivery of products, leaflets, stickers and clothing. We are very proud of the designation “Preferred Partner of European Trailer Care” which gives us a greater reach for delivering beautiful, custom made products.


By using a professional heatpress (max size 100×40 cm) and a professional embroidery machine we can use professional clothing, promotional clothing and other textiles with logos and texts.
To complete the whole, we also take care of personal protective equipment and work shoes for all labour segments.

For engraving and whenever possible cutting of wood, plastic, paper, rubber, glassware and leather we use our laser engraving machine. With a size of 600×300 mm and a circular module, we permanently provide both flat and round products with a logo, images and/or text.

With the flatbed printer and circular printer we print flat and round materials.
With the primer, white ink and a glossy coating, we can permanently provide materials with full color images and texts. As of 1 copy.

A wide range of corporate gifts and give-aways, we deliver with or without logo

Both locations (Heerenveen and Akkrum) are produced and we have an assortment of clothing, show models and product examples that we deliver.

In short: if you want to highlight your logo and company in a positive way, we will make sure that you have the right products!

Want advice? Then stop by our branch,or make an appointment via Whatsapp so we can stop by.
We’d love to be there for you!

Lightning! See the difference

We ♥ your logo!

Lightning! See the difference
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Preferred Partners of European Trailer Care