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Simons European Truck- & Trailer Care is het adres voor alle oplossingen voor jouw wagenpark.

Wij verzorgen “Full Service” reparaties en onderhoud met als doel minimale stilstand én minimale kosten.

Wat vind je van het logo op ons prachtige pand?

Simons European Truck- & Trailer Care
Erik Spalink formulemanager European Trailer Care

Erik Spalink new formula manager European Trailer Care

Erik Spalink formulemanager European Trailer Care

European Trailer Care has appointed Erik Spalink as new formula manager. He succeeds Ernst Woortman, who fulfilled this position for the past four years.

“Erik Spalink is a familiar face at ETC,” chairman Anton Müller explains. “He has been involved in ETC for a number of years now, as he undertook work for one of our members. He knows them, he knows what goes on at ETC and he understands how the formula manager fits in with all of that.”

“I worked for a wholesaler of parts for trucks and trailers for 17 years and I was about to start looking for a new challenge when Anton Müller approached me for the position of formula manager. It was exactly what I was looking for. I’m going to set up my own business now and will spend 50% of my time on European Trailer Care.” Those are the words of Erik Spalink.

Anton Müller continues:  “European Trailer Care is growing steadily, both in terms of the number of members and the number of clients. Erik is the right person for this post, his knowledge and experience will help him to continue the work of Ernst Woortman.”

Anton Müller also announces that Geralt van ’t Blik will join ETC’s board of directors. This means the board will have three Dutch and two Belgian members.

European Trailer Care is a collaboration between independent trailer repair businesses in Europe. The strength of collaboration enables European Trailer Care to provide fleet owners with the best possible service. The close collaboration with trailer and parts businesses – which results in the right price and maximum knowledge – also makes a solid contribution to this.

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