Bever Automation Preferred Partner ETC

Bever Automatisering preferred partner of European Trailer Care.

A good software package is of course very important for workshops such as those of European Trailer Care. Six workshops are now running to their full satisfaction on the Powerall package from Bever Automatisering. These workshops are aimed at the complete maintenance of all their customers’ rolling stock and any rental units.

Bever unburdens the ETTC workshops with:

• Digital work orders, barcode scanning via mobile / tablet
• Planning board for mechanics
• Repair history per vehicle
• Inspections, link with RDW
• Parts management, linking price lists suppliers
• Insight into maintenance of the rental fleet
• Email billing
• Financial administration, management dashboard

Bever Automation

On the picture left: Erik Spalink, Formula Manager European Trailer Care and Gijsbert Flier, Director Bever Automatisering