Preferred partner ETC: Green DoneGROEN GEDAAN

Sustainable mobility is of great importance. Not only from our responsibility for the environment and the next generations. But we also see growing that the economy is slowing down or even standing still because of the environmental burden. Think of the CO2, the nitrogen or the PFas problem. Companies that take their responsibility seriously join the Groen Gedaan | Repair.
After objective review, the Groen Gedaan quality mark is received! Certified companies contribute to a better environment and society, but also to economic continuity. Less raw materials, less waste, less energy, also leads to cost control. The certified companies provide you with the best service at competitive prices.

The Sustainable Foundation | Repairing is an initiative of consumer organisations (ANWB), fleet owners, leasing companies, government and insurers. The foundation is operational in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. With more than 3,000 certified companies, one is the largest independent quality mark in the BeNeLux.

Preferred Partners van European Trailer Care