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Jumbo Groenewegen also uses European Trailer Care!

The originally Dutch company Jumbo Groenewegen will continue to use the service network of European Trailer Care.
Jumbo Groenewegen already had good experiences with Visser European Trailer Care from Uithoorn as a service partner.
By now adding all workshops of European Trailer Care as a service partner, they have received the desired coverage for its customers in the Netherlands and Belgium.

“The workshops of ETC have built up an excellent reputation in the market for repair and maintenance of all types of trailers, for us a good party to perform service on our trailers”, says Ad van Nijnatten, Director business line trailers of Group Jumbo Groenewegen.

Jumbo Groenewegen, Dutch quality since 1927!

The group was created by a merger in 2011 of Jumbo and Groenewegen.
Jumbo has its origins in Helmond and mainly includes the manufacture of trailers and LHV solutions.
The Groenewegen logo is mainly seen on curtainsider trailers, open trailers and cabinet trailers.
Jumbo/Groenewegen has its own production location in Bosnia/Herzegovina, where much of the work is done, from parts production, welding chassis, painting, axle assembly to floor assembly. The further chassis finishing is done at the production location in Helmond.
See the website of Jumbo Groenewegen for all info: Jumbo Groenewegen, Dutch Quality since 1927

Jumbo Factory of Trailers and Semi-trailers B.V.
Automotive Campus 30

Phone: 0031 (0)492-591000

Email: sales@jumbogroenewegen.com

Internet: www.jumbogroenewegen.com

Production location Bosnie Jumbo Groenewegen Production location Helmond