a-van-tilburg-truck-trailer-serviceAVT Truck and TrailerService is a modern specialized company in repairs and maintenance on pulled and pulling equipment. With three branches in West Brabant and one in Waddinxveen, our specialized staff ensures a professional approach to the work, so that standstill is kept to a minimum for you.
All our branches are brand unbound. With any brand company car, you can contact us. We are also a specialist in maintenance of lowloaders, hydraulic tilt systems for semi-trailers, refurbishment of, for example, Unimog and the execution of inspections for both pulling and drawn equipment.

AVT Truck and Trailer Service
Hazeldonk 6004 (29998)
4836 LA Breda

Tel. +31 (0)76 596 4000
24/7 Service +31 6 53 92 29 77

E-mail: breda@avt.nl

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 08.00 – 17.00
Saturday: closed
Sunday: closed