Burgers carrosserie At Burgers we build our vehicles at almost 100 years of experience. In 1925 Koos Burgers began supplying farm carts and other agricultural vehicles.
Since then Burgers Carrosserie has become a true specialist in closed building, built entirely on a tailor-made basis with its own service departments, of which 3 in the Netherlands, Aalsmeer, Zwaagdijk and Maasbracht. Abroad we now have 7 branches under the direction in France Paris, Toulouse, Lyon(BelleVille) and Nantes. In Germany Bibliss(Frankfurt) and Peine (Hannover). In Poland Solna.

Burgers carrosserie
Seed market 18
1681 PD Zwaagdijk

Tel. +31 (0)850227730
24/7 Service +31(0)44738680

E-mail: info@burgersgroup.com

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 07.30 – 16.00*
Saturday: closed
Sunday: closed

*Lunch break from 12:30 to 13:00