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Bos Trailer Service B.V.

Bos Trailerservice has a fleet of more than 400 Rental trailers just like you have to deal with maintenance and repair costs.
With good and timely maintenance, many costs can be avoided. Moreover, you save yourself misery such as dropouts or a breakdown along the road with all the extra costs.
We like to carry out the maintenance and good for you, with our experience in the trailer rental guaranteeing fast and cheap repairs. You can contact us for all maintenance; from brake overhaul to body work and damage expertise.

If desired, you can conclude a maintenance contract with us and offer you the possibility to carry out repairs at predetermined module prices, making maintenance costs more manageable. At Bos Trailer Service you have the opportunity to take advantage of the experience from our trailer rental.

Bos Trailer Service B.V.
Ambachtsweg 18
3771 MG Barneveld

Tel. +31 (0)342 418 200
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Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday: 08.00 – 19.00
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