Olsthoorn Truck & Trailer Service

Olsthoorn Truck & Trailer Service is a universal garage company. We take care of the total maintenance, repairs and (body) damage to all towing vehicles, trailers, trailers, vans, cooling engines and tailgates.


In 1994 Wim Olsthoorn started to carry out repairs to trucks from his service bus. Soon there was a need for a workshop and for staff. That’s what happened! First a small workshop was rented, after which there was always a need for a larger space. As well as mechanics and someone for the administration. With one man there, it wasn’t enough. The company grew. The home office moved to an office near the workshop.

The work did not stop with repairs alone. Soon the customers could also go to Olsthoorn for APK. For years, the work continued with repairs, maintenance and MOT of company cars. Since the last few years, olsthoorn Truck & Trailer Service has also been able to provide customers with all types of body damage.


Olsthoorn Truck & Trailer Service is now located at the Leemolen in the Lier. The workshop is over 1,800 m2 and there is ample parking space. Our motto is ‘everything under one roof!’. Together with 25 personnel, we take care of (damage) repairs to company cars, from bumper to bumper, bodywork, cleaning of the trailer, pick up and bring service and you name it. You can also contact us for all work on your tailgate, tachograph and cooling motor.

Olsthoorn Truck & Trailer Service is the perfect partner to put together a maintenance and/or repair package for (large) fleets. Of course tailor-made for your company.

Olsthoorn Truck & Trailer Service is a service partner of Schmitz Cargobull, SAF and Krone.

Workshop & administration

Leemolen 19
2678 MG De Lier
Westland, South Holland

Contact details

Workshop: 0174 – 422899
Administration 0174-254880

Planning: planning@olsthoorntts.nl
Invoices: factuur@olsthoorntts.nl

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 07:00 to 17:00
Saturday: 08:00 to 12:00

We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day at 0174-422899.