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Visser Uithoorn for professional service and thorough repairs to understaffing transport companies can always contact Visser Trailer Service.
Visser Trailer Service has an 8,000 m2 site in Uithoorn and our property covers about 1,800 m2 with a total of eight repair streets provided
of all the necessary equipment to make our customers even easier to serve with the well-known old-fashioned service.
Since October 2012 Visser Trailer Service has also settled in Aalsmeer in a completely new facility with three repair streets.
Visser Trailer Service is a member of European Trailer Care.
European Trailer Care is an initiative of a group of trailer repair companies in the Benelux with offices in several European countries,
specifically engaged in complete maintenance and service of drawn equipment. Visser Trailer Service is also a member of this.

Visser Uithoorn
C. Verolmelaan 145
1422 ZB Uithoorn

Tel. +31 (0)297 540 101
24/7 Service +31(0)620243773

E-mail: info@vissertrailerservice.nl

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 08.00 – 18.00
Saturday: closed
Sunday: closed