Shell Lubricating Oil Distribution - OK Oliecentrale - Preferred Partner ETC

OK Oliecentrale – Preferred Partner of European Trailer Care

OK Oliecentrale is one of the largest distributors in the Netherlands when it comes to lubricants, AdBlue and fuels for the business market. Every day, own tankers and several trucks are on their way to agricultural companies, industrial factories, transport companies, contractors, earthmoving companies, truck dealers, government institutions and petrol stations for the supply of quality products.

OK Oliecentrale (formerly Oliecentrale Nederland) has been an official distributor of Shell lubricants for many years. This means that the internal and external staff are aware of the latest product developments and can advise on both a commercial and technical level. Think of product advice and lubrication schemes, but also renewal periods and sampling / research. From several distribution centers, many liters of Shell product are delivered daily to companies throughout the Netherlands. Bulk deliveries are also possible.

Shell Driveline solutions
For trucks and buses, minimal downtime and maximum fuel consumption are essential. The Shell driveline solutions, consisting of a package of high-performance engine oils, transmission oils and greases, are fully tailored to this and also meet the legal requirements. These are all products that help you on your way to a more efficient, profitable and competitive fleet.

OK Oliecentrale B.V.
Northern Region
Alderman Buitenhuisstraat 7
NL-7951 SJ Staphorst
P: 0522 23 99 99
OK Oliecentrale B.V.
Region South / West
Verlengde Poolseweg 32
NL-4818 CL Breda
P: 076 523 28 18
OK Oliecentrale B.V.
East Region
Driepoortenweg 54
NL-6827 BR Arnhem
P: 026 354 74 00
OK Oliecentrale B.V. (OK Rijmar)
South Region
Broekhin Noord 47
NL-6042 ED Roermond
P:0475 329 880
OK Oliecentrale B.V.
Storage tanks and tank inspections
Stationsweg 29
NL-8141 SK Heino
P: 076 523 28 18

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