Greened European Trailer Care

Repairing sustainably

Sustainable Repair is not a new ‘green hype’.
It is a standard in terms of sustainability, with which the client and contractor can profile themselves.
It is supported by

  • the leasing companies
  • Government
  • Municipalities
  • Province
  • fleetowners
  • Insurers
  • Anwb
  • Consumer.

In other words; our customers.

A good representation of these parties determine, through the College of Experts, the content of the Package of Requirements.

Embracing more and more of our customers Sustainable Repair.
That’s why you’re increasingly encountering it as a desire or requirement for tenders and tenders.
In addition, the certification is included in the Green Deals among others Zero Emmission of the government. The standard has been set!

Durable Repair is not something vaguely green.
It’s actually just a way of ‘good entrepreneurship’.
Sustainability is

  • carefully with raw materials
  • be economical with energy
  • ensure sustainable employable staff
  • preventing waste
  • reuse of parts, etc.

Sustainable Repair gives us handles how best to set this up and what we need to look for in order to obtain and retain the certificate.
Very practical and pragmatic and prepared by clients/clients and expressed in the Package of Requirements.

Sustainable Repair therefore not only contributes to a better environment and society.
It contributes to our cost control and customer loyalty.