European Trailer Care erkend Duurzaam Repareren

Sustainable repairs (dutch certificate)

Sustainable Repairs is not some new ‘green hype’.
It is a Dutch standard in the field of sustainability, enabling clients and contractors to profile themselves.

It is supported by

  • Dutch lease companies
  • the government
  • local authorities
  • provincial authorities
  • fleet owners
  • insurers
  • the ANWB
  • consumers

In other words: our customers.

A solid representation of these parties determines the content of the schedule of requirements through a panel of experts.

More and more of our customers are starting to embrace the Sustainable Repairs principle, which is why it is increasingly mentioned as a wish or requirements in tenders.
Also, the certification is included in the government’s Green Deals such as Zero Emission. The standard has been set!

Sustainable Repairs is not some vague green concept.
It is a way of ‘good business practice’.
Sustainability is

  • using raw materials carefully
  • using energy sparingly
  • employing sustainably deployable personnel
  • preventing waste and
  • reusing parts, etc.

Sustainable Repairs gives us points of reference for the best possible way to organise this and what we have to take into account in order to be able to obtain and hold on to the certificate.
This has been drawn up and formulated by clients and customers very practically and pragmatically in the schedule of requirements.

So not only does Sustainable Repairs contribute to a better environment and society, it also contributes to cost control and customer loyalty.