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Trailer Telematics: 24/7 view and insight into your fleet

Certified online telematics (IoT) for T Comm charge carriers monitors the location and all desired data from wireless sensors such as temperature, door, EBS/CANbus, TPMS sensors in real time. Proactive and automatic alarms are sent. Standardized and self-configurable reports provide relevant information such as ride registration, downtimes, (graphic) temperature turnover for both your organization and clients. Many leading transport companies in unconditioned and conditioned transport experience the benefits of T Comm Telematics. You guarantee the quality, safety and efficiency of your services, provide direct proof in case of cargo damage, avoid annoying discussions and claims and make your organisation and your customer successful!

Independent and all in-house

  • 24/7 to provide insight into all relevant data of the entire fleet
  • User-friendly and innovative platform with real-time monitoring
  • Automatic e-mail and SMS alerting and reporting
  • 5-year battery life warranty and 5 years of data storage
  • EN-12830, EN-13485, EN-13486 and ISO-27001 certified

The growth of T Comm is supported by the cooperation with European Trailer Care (ETC). This significantly increases the number of service points and invests in an extensive network of renowned installation and repair companies within the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Poland.

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