Wiejelo Equipment ETC Preferred Partner

Wiejelo Equipment: Preferred Partner

With our extensive experience in the field of automatic lubrication systems, we offer the optimal customized solution worldwide for every question. Every year we supply thousands of lubrication systems to manufacturers, distributors and end users in various market segments. Our team consists of experienced employees who have gained decades of experience at various manufacturers in this industry.

With an automatic lubrication system, the bearings are lubricated during turning, making them last longer. With the right grease and dosage, the grease forms a sealing collar on the outside of the bearings so that the ingress of dust, dirt and sand is avoided. In addition, an automatic lubrication system on the equipment avoids downtime, which entails less loss of time and extra costs.

In addition, Wiejelo Equipment ensures the correct installation of the equipment.

Here’s how you have:
• The best service
• The highest quality
• Independent, tailor-made advice
• Training including accompanying documentation to carry out the installation yourself
• Complete installation by Wiejelo Equipment
• Best value for money

We have access to a worldwide service network. Local distributors are trained by Wiejelo Equipment to independently provide installations with maintenance and to carry out maintenance on the systems.

For more information about Wiejelo Equipment and our services: www.wiejwelo.nl


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