KTTC European Trailer Care

Fleet management

European Trailer Care is a one-stop shop for all your trailer maintenance. We offer various types of maintenance contracts. Whether you’re company is located in the north of the Netherlands or near the French border, you can have all your vehicles maintained and serviced in a good and efficient way against competitive prices.

In our opinion inexpensive maintenance and repair is more than a low hourly rate and cheap parts. With European Trailer Care inexpensive means repairing whenever and wherever it is most convenient for you. Inexpensive maintenance and repair is already about preventing unexpected breakdowns. If anything should happen on the road you can rely on our experienced staff, our own network of companies and very good network trough all of Europe to get you up and running again. As soon as possible!

Thanks to our excellent network and large capacity, we can offer maintenance from one trailer up to thousands of trailers. For European Trailer Care it doesn’t matter of which brands or types of trailers your fleet consists.

All this is possible because we are a professional organisation that is willing to adapt to your planning when it comes to picking up and delivering trailers. We also offer excellent periodic managementinformation. Fleet management with European Trailer Care simply works.


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