DHollandia Preferred Partner European Trailer Care

Preferred Partner of European Trailer Care!

Dhollandia was founded in 1968 as a family business by Omer Dhollander and his wife Maria De Block.

The first location was housed in Belsele, Belgium, and in 1987 the company moved to its current main location in Lokeren.
Dhollandia is the No. 1 manufacturer of hydraulic ramps in Europe, producing more than 50,000 units per year.
There is an unparalleled product range with lifting capabilities of 150 to 16,000 kg, fully developed through internal growth, for the production the plants take care of in 5 countries. More than 90% of the mechanical, hydraulic and electrical components used are manufactured in our own factories.
Over the years, Dhollandia has built up a professional network of regional sales and service branches in Europe. Outside Europe, independent distributors are used and are now active in 70 countries worldwide.

For maintenance of tailgates, but also to provide 24/7 breakdown service, Dhollandia has also been working with the members of European trailer Care for years.
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Preferred Partners of European Trailer Care