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Manitou truck-mounted forklift

Manitou truck-mounted forklift have recently been imported by MCR from Koudkerk a/d Rijn for the Dutch market,
a family business with a long track record of machinery for agriculture, logistics and transport.

Characteristic of the offer of Manitou truck-mounted forklift, popularly known as cage monkey, is the wide variety from which customers can choose.
First, there is a choice of telescope and mast machines. In addition, customers have the choice of control of the machine: two-way or four-way.
With that last control variant, the machine can transport long and wide loads better.
There is also a choice of a payload of 2 or 2.5 tons. From the telescopic machine there is even a variant that can lift 2.7 tons and move safely.
In all cases, there are three-wheeled machines. Telescopic machines are useful when parts of a trailer load need to be placed in a relatively low storage or barn.

An important difference between a mast machine and a small space ecant is the lower maintenance costs of the telescopic machine.
There is no roll, a chain or a lifting mast, which means that there is less maintenance to be done.
Another important plus is that in almost all cases the telescopic arm is long enough to be able to load or unload the trailer on one side.
Manitou truck-mounted forklift have a separate braking system and are childishly easy to operate with the help of the command arm (driving lever).

European Trailer Care
Service to the takeaway trucks can provide MCR from its own workshop.
In order to provide the customer with national service coverage, a collaboration has been entered into with European Trailer Care.

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